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If Bones isn’t going, then neither am I

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Subject: Plane Tickets

On Nov 11, 2011, at 10:41 PM, Brett W.wrote:

I have purchased the plane tickets for our trip to Tampa in March.  The confirmation is attached as a web page.

We leave:

March 7

7:10 pm MCI
10:35 pm TPA
Nonstop Flight 306

We return

4:30 pm TPA
6:30 pm MCI
Nonstop Flight 885

Per ticket price is:  387.40

Confirmation Code (If you need to add your FF number):  IVAMC4

As of yet, it is unsure if Bones will be going, so I have not yet purchased his ticket.  If the price for our eighth ticket is higher, I expect that we will all share the difference.  This can be evened out later by Rick.  Is everyone O.K. with that?


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