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Love you too, girl

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Subject: paycheck

On Jun 30, 2011, at 8:15 AM, Rebekah M. wrote:

2101.53$ is my check this week. So do you think that we can pay a nice payment to the credit card this week. Just excited for the amount of my check can wait to see you tomorrow. I love you and take your time waking up so that you are relaxed going into your interview. Make sure you eats something fulfilling you don’t want your belly grumbling while you are trying to answer questions. I want called as soon as you are done today with any news. I hope to hear that they have made the decision, or that it will me made quickly. I love you so much I wish you all the best. Just remember you can do this job and that you are over qualified for it and that you do try everyday to make today better then yesterday.

Just be YOURSELF you will do great. Call me when ever I don’t have anything to do.

Love you

Love Rebecky

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