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Wait…you’ve really been getting emails for random mmorrisons for years?

Sometimes they’re not even for mmorrisons. Those messages are always my favorites.

Why don’t you just change your email address?

It’s too much effort, I have too many things linked with this account, and mostly it makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Aren’t you worried about listing your Gmail username in the sidebar? Won’t you get spam messages?

For six years I’ve received emails, newsletters, and bills for strangers. My life is a spam message.

Do you ever respond to messages and screw with people?

No, I’m only a jerk in my head. If it’s a legitimate message, not a Walmart flyer or obvious phishing attempt, I’ll respond to the sender and let them know they’ve reached the wrong address. When Matthew Morrison’s university dropped him from classes because he didn’t pay the tuition bills I received for months, I asked the school to send him a printed bill. I once mistakenly received another Megan Morrison’s $200 Target e-gift card and called Target to make sure the sender got a refund. (The Target representative couldn’t understand why I didn’t want my birthday gift… I probably should’ve just spent the gift card.)

That said, when someone signs up for Personals Plus/OkCupid/Adult Friend Finder/Rude Finder, I delete their accounts in a skinny minute. Please don’t involve me in your sexcapades. Also, please learn your email address.

How can I contact you and not Michael, Mennie, or Merritt Morrison?

You can reach me at…or via my Gmail account which does not belong to any of those individuals, contrary to popular belief.

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