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They must learn ’em well in Canada

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Subject: your last message

On Dec 5, 2011, at 3:57 PM, Fitzgerald W. wrote:

Dear Mr. Morrison:

Thank you very much forthe information concerning theThe BSL and JD program. I intend to apply for a BSL program, and I also would like to go for the JD. I am a Canadian attorney, but I now live in Maine, USA. I earned a law degree (LLB) form the University of Quebec, Montreal Canada and I became a member of the Quebec Bar, CANADA.

However, I intend to apply in 2013 since I am now on two jobs.


1) When we become students at the AHU, can we exchange and have the assistance of the professor during the session?

2) Since I earned a law degree, can I have advanced standing for some courses?

3) If I go for the JD, do I need to pass the baby barof California because I do not want to practice law in CALIFORNIA? I may consider an academic career.

4) please, note that I have several academic qualifications; I earend three B.A.s and two Master degrees, one in Public Administration and one in International Affairs, all from Canadian universities.

5) Is it possible to order some books in advance so that I can read the materials before apply for the BSL program next year?

6) Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

Fitzgerald W.

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